(15 SEC 15mm -35 mm)

TUBEPRESS® achieves ultimate connection integrity through the unique manufacturing process, whereby the 15 mm to 54 mm fittings commence with a socketed section of equal to or greater length than the O-ring cavity width for 3 level pressing. This 3 level pressing, before, on and also behind the O-ring results in superior joint strength and rigidity.

All fittings have a 30 year press tightness guarantee.

316L Stainless Steel Material Number 1.4404 to BS EN 10088
fabricated to BS EN 10312. Watermark Certificate No 23057
Gas Approval Certificate No 3005
AS5200.053  •  AS3688 Amdt1  •  AS4041 2006   •  AS1940
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TUBEPRESS® has been developed and manufactured in Germany for over 45 years and is the market leader providing the benefits of experience, research & development.

The authority of experience coupled with the complete combining of tube and fitting manufacture together in Germany, leads to consistent highly controlled levels of quality and perfectly matched tube and fittings which is unsurpassed internationally.

TUBEPRESS® has Watermark Certificate No 23057 to AS 5200.053:2008 and AS 3688:2005 Amdt 1 2006, Gas Certification 3005 and multiple international approvals. IBEX Australia supports the needs of clients through ongoing product education, training and attentive customer service.


  • TUBEPRESS® Tube & Fittings are manufactured from 316 L High Grade Molybdenum stabilised stainless steel giving high corrosion resistance
  • More press points – reduced corners and edges, particularly round press profile and smooth bore – high flow rates (see illustration below)
  • High quality elastomer O-ring seals for a wide range of applications
  • Colour indicators on outside of fitting for O-ring identification
  • Secure leak path safety feature – TUBEPRESS® 9000 & 17000 fittings are designed in such a way that they visibly leak if not pressed
  • 30 year guarantee on press fit connection tightness


Materials: Material no:1.4404 / AISI 316 L according to EN 10088
Formed components: Material no:1.4408 / AISI 316 L according to EN 10283
Stainless steel precision casting parts: Material no:1.4404 / AISI 316 L according to EN 10088
Tubes: Tube dimensions according to EN and DVGW-GW541
blank and solution annealed, Firmness limited upward
Tubing internal surface: According to EN 10312, free of harmful components
and according to the special requirements of the
DVGW working paper GW 541