The HAELOK System, invented and perfected in Switzerland, provides pure metal to metal sealing onto the pipe utilizing its uniquely formed wedge design.The HAELOK System guarantees a perfect connection of pipes in a few minutes and without welding. Axial pressing with up to 60tons creates a “mechanical welding equivalent” pipe-connection.This unique pipe-connection system, without gaskets, ensures highly hermetic sealing for pipe dimensions from 12 mm up to 168.3 mm (6“) and more.

Reliability and quality is machined into HAELOK System´s unique design, and it´s paired with an unparalleled ease of installation. To get the perfect connection within minutes you´re not reliant on the skills of the installer, as it can be installed even by unskilled workers.


The industrial pipe construction places enormous demands on safety, durability, speed and last but not least cost effectiveness. These are the criteria upon which pipe systems are selected and applied. HAELOK pipe connection systems offer an incredibly fast, certified, safe and cost effective press fitting solution second to none. The only alternative to HAELOK fittings is welding, but the HAELOK system offers a safe, re-liable, purely metallic sealing solution for fluid and gas systems in  minutes! And yes, these connections are fully capable for very high temperatures and high pressures and offer ample performance reserves, certified by countless international test results and certificates. HAELOK fittings can be used in different materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, or others on request.


HAELOK short installation time is one of its great benefits. The HAELOK system reduces the installation efforts up to a factor 10 to welding! Our piping system is connected quickly, efficiently and without any open flame, offering maximum security.


Safe, stable and permanent metallic sealed connections without gaskets is a primary objective in all areas of industrial pipe installation, and the HAELOK system can deliver exactly this.  The total installation costs and time are substantially lower than any other application on the market, making the HAELOK pipe-fitting system  the installation of choice.


For many different applications,  various pipe diameters, materials and fluid contents HAELOK is “the perfect fit” and can supply the appropriate fittings and press tools for every job.At your installation site there´s absolutely no need for welding or screwing and the only control necessary after installation is a simple visual check to know that your connection is installed correctly and the system is safe and secure.


Quality and reliability is “machined” into the HAELOK system – the easy to install press technology eliminates all obvious hazards, the metal-to-metal sealing´s stress resistance is unrivaled, now certified up to 1140bar.

●   Purely metallic seal without any further material
●   No hot work, fire or explosion risks are eliminated
   Spark free
   Zero contamination in the pipe
   Gas tight
   Stress resistance equal to welding
   Serial numbers guarantee traceable material and process information down to every fitting
●   Swiss precision


The easy handling of the HAELOK system not only dramatically reduces installation costs, but also provides the most secure and consistent quality through the installation process – and during the lifetime of the pipe system.
HAELOK system saves time and labor cost thus reduces total installation cost significantly. It increases your margins and your chances to win more projects.

●   Faster installation, therefore a real cost advantage
●   No need for certified labour
●   No high-precision pipes needed
   Works equally well with seamless and welded pipes
●   No inspection by X-ray or other methods needed
  Substantially reduces downtime during maintenance


The easy to handle and install press technology eliminates all obvious hazards and risks that are common during welding. And compared to cutting ring fittings, and other applications the HAELOK systems prevails.

●   About 10x faster than welding
   No fire or explosion risk
●   No need for “gas free” environment
●   No need to dry or drain the system
   Works in small, difficult to access spaces
●   Supplied pre-assembled, no assembly errors
   Very simple installation


The hydraulic installation tool behind the world´s strongest mechanical pipe connection, installs the HAELOK fittings in a few simple steps. It delivers every-time accurate, reliable and repeatable  results, regardless of the fitting material or the mood of the installer. The HAELOK  press tool generates form and restrained pipe joint up to 60(!) tons of axial pressure, forming a physical cold forming of pipe and fitting.  It´s as strong as welding – but the only mechanical alternative.


The Haelok press tools are characterized by:
●   Fully automatic press process
●   Very short press times (<1min)
   Ergonomic design easy to handle
●   Reduced weight
●   Various models: The right tool for every job


The following tests have been carried out and passed in accordance with IACS (International Association for Classification of Ships) unified rules for piping, design and testing URP 2.11:

Tightness test requirement
   70 bar with nitrogen (N2)
●   tested for 5 min tight

Pull-out test requirement
●   1 x PN + Fax (PN as appropriate)
   tested for 5 min. without leakage or other faults

Burst pressure tests
●   4 x PN
   tested for over 5 min thight without any leakage

Vibration- (1) and
Pressure pulsation- (2) tests
●   (1) defined amplitude over 10×106 cycles at frequencies of 20-50Hz
●   (2) 1,5 x PN over 500’000 cycles

Vacuum test requirements
  300mbar absolute
   tested for >15 min tight

Fire resistance requirements
  Proofed to ISO 19921 and certified to IACS P.
●   Full compliance with API-6FB
●   800°C, tested for 30min, with no pressure loss


German Lloyd
Haelok has the certificate 91759-97 HH and complies
to the regulations for the performance of type
tests on mechanical components and equipment,
Part D9 of German Lloyd.

Det Norske Veritas
Haelok has the certificate P-13887 and complies
to the standard for certification No. 2.9 of the type
approval program No. 5-792.20.

Lloyd´s Register
Haelok has the certificate

Wehrtechnische Dienststelle
für Schiffe und Marinewaffen,
Haelok has the certificate 2012 of the WTD of the
German Marine.

Russian Maritime Register
of Shipping
Haelok has been awarded with the
certificate No. 09.00419.009

American Society of Mechanical
Engineers (ASME)
Haelok pressfittings are in conformity to
ASME B31.1 Power Piping / B31.3 Process Piping


Technical specifications Standards:
Temperature range: –55 °C up to +400 °C.
Working pressure: up to 1137 bar (see list below)
Standards: Useable for seamless and welded pipes with the dimensions to EN ISO 1127, EN 10220 D3/T3, ASTM A213 and ASTM A269

Press Ring and Fitting Body: Carbon steel 1.0570
(AISI 1024) or Stainless steel 1.4404 (AISI 316L) in all combinations, other materials on request

Pipe diameters:
13.5 – 168.3 mm (Outside diameter in inch)
12 – 80 mm (Outside diameter metric)
bigger diameters on request


DN SIZE OD s d PN 1)
(test to IACS
Burst Pressure
test 2)
Pressure for
normal Application 3)
10  12 1,8  8,4 300bar 1137bar  600bar
10 “ 1/4″  13,5 1,8  9,9 200bar 800bar 400bar
12 3/8″  17,2 1,8  13,6 200bar 800bar 400bar
15  18 1,8  14,4 200bar 800bar 400bar
15 20 2  16 200bar 800bar 400bar
15 1/2″ 21,3 2,0 17,3 200bar 800bar 400bar
18  22 2,3  17,4 200bar 800bar 400bar
20  25 2,6 19,8 200bar 800bar 400bar
20 3/4″ 26,9 2,3 22,3 200bar 800bar 400bar
28 2,6 19,8 200bar 800bar 400bar
25 30 2,6 24,8 200bar 800bar 400bar
25 1″ 33,7 2,6 28,5 200bar 800bar 400bar
35 2,5 30 150bar 600bar 300bar
32 38 2,6 32,8 150bar 600bar 300bar
32 1/4″ 42,4 2,6 37,2 150bar 600bar 300bar
40 1 1/4″ 48,3 2,6 43,1 150bar 600bar 300bar
54 3,6 46,8 150bar 600bar 300bar
50 2″ 60,3 2,6 55,1 150bar 600bar 300bar

Nominal pressure PN for shipbuilding
2) Burst pressure proofed at 4-times nominal pressure over 5min
3) Pressure for doubled safety factor


Pipe specifications:
Seamless and welded pipes with dimensions to ASTM A213/A269, EN 10220:2002 for Carbon Steel Pipes, and to EN ISO 1127:1996 for stainless steel pipes. Pipes shall be of good quality, fully annealed construction with maximum Rockwell B scale hardness of 90.

Admissable pipe tolerances: to EN ISO 1127 or EN 10220
Outside diameter D3: ±0,75%, but min. ±0,3mm
Wall thickness T3:  ±10%, but min. ±0,2mm
Hardness:  ≤ 90 HRB

to ASTM  A213/A269
Outside diameter D3: 13,72 to 38,1mm: ±0,13mm  38,1 to 88,9mm: ±0,25mm
Wall thickness T3:  ±10% Hardness:  ≤ 90 HRB

Pipe series 1 to EN 10220, to EN ISO 1127 with  tolerances D3/T3 and to ASTM A213/A269:

DN SIZE OD1) OD2) s d
10 1/4″ 12,5 13,72 1,8 9,9
3/8″ 17,2  17,15 1,8 13,6
15 1/2″ 21,3  21,34 2,0 17,3
20  3/4″ 26,9  26,67 2,3 22,3
25  1″ 33,7  33,41 2,6 28,5
32 1 1/4″ 42,4  42,16 2,6 37,2
40 1 1/2″ 48,3  48,26 2,6 43,1
50 2″ 60,3  60,33 2,6 55,1
65  2 1/2″ 76,1  73,03) 3,6 68,9
80  3″ 88,9 88,9 4,8 79,3
100 4″ 114,3  114,3 6 102,3
 125 5″ 139,7  114,33) 7,1 125,5
150 6″ 168,3  168,3 8 152,3

1) Pipe series 1 to EN 10220:2002 or to EN ISO 1127
2) Pipes according to ASTM A213/A269
3) Outside diameters (OD) of pipes to ASTM 213/269 make separate fitting size necessary


Pipe series 1 to EN 10220, to EN ISO 1127 with  tolerances D3/T3 and to ASTM A213/A269:

DN OD s d
10 12 1,8 8,4
15 18 1,8 14,4
15 20 2,0 16
18 22 2,3 17,4
20 25 2,6 19,8
28 2,6 22,8
25 30 2,6 24,4
32 35 2,6 29,8
38 3,6 32,8
54 4,8 46,8

Pipe series 1 to EN 10220:2002 or to EN ISO 1127
2) Pipes according to ASTM A213/A269
3) Outside diameters (OD) of pipes to ASTM 213/269 make separate fitting size necessary

Dimensioning of the wall thickness:

The dimensioning of the pipes is done to DIN 2413 or to ANSI B 31.3 for a given pressure for the particular application. For further specifications consult the pipe manufacturers.


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