Blutube® can be installed 2-5 times faster than traditional materials and is clean & safe for installers. No threading, flaring, gluing or Oxy/Act welding. Modifications and additional branches, etc are added with a minimum of disruption & cost.


Blutube® is a system of the highest integrity and has an integral Safety Factor of 2:1. Suitable for compressed air pressures up to 16 bar and fluids up to 25 bar as per Australia Standards AS4130, Blutube® has higher strength, greater wall thickness, high pressure/ temperature capabilities with minimum 50 year design life. Extremely robust and impact resistant – is not brittle like PVC & PP, (PVC is not safe for compressed air). Excellent for under-ground applications. Thermally stable and suitable for continuous operation within the temperature range of -20deg C to +60deg C, Blutube® can withstand short term rises up to 95deg C.


Blutube® is corrosion free! Air quality and flow rates are not compromised by age. Traditional galvanised iron air pipe corrodes causing contamination of air supply damaging tools & pneumatics, increased friction
resulting in energy losses, reduced bore and eventual need for replacement.


Blutube® is approved for food plants as it does not support bacterial growth or micro-organisms and complies with AS2070.1 “Plastic material for food contact use”. Compression fittings conform toAS4129, BS6920, threaded fittings to AS3855.3 Blutube® is also suitable for breathing air systems.


Blutube® has extensive chemical resistance/compatibility and provides a solution for corrosive environments. The three fitting ranges available offer various solutions; Compression Fittings come standard with Nitrile 0 rings and Acetal grip-rings, for some chemical applications Viton and EPDM 0 rings and CPVC grip-rings can be used. Blutube® Socket Fusion provides for a continuous use of identical pipe & fitting material. Please refer to Technical Department for specific applications.


Blutube® provides engineers & designers maximum flexibility with Socket Fusion, Electro Fusion & Compression fitting ranges. This system assists Australian Industry by a total package which is readily altered and changed with minimal “shutdown” time and is ideally suited to today’s requirement for quick installation.


  • Economical purchase
  • Quick installation Long levity with no maintenance required
  • Elimination of costly air leaks
  • Energy savings through reduced friction
  • Ultra smooth bore and no rust/scale build-up
  • Savings in modifications, additional branches can be connected while system under pressure