Ibex Pipe & Fittings Suppliers Australia


Ibex Australia are Australia’s leading suppliers of industrial pipe and fitting systems for Diesel & Fuel Oil systems, Hydrocarbons, Automotive Oil Systems, Lubrication & Grease, Special Gas systems including Natural gas, LPG & Inert gas, Glycol Cooling systems, Potable & non-potable water systems, Fire fighting piping, Pump pipes, Compressed Air reticulation and much more. With products in Stainless Steel 304L & 316L, Carbon Steel, Polyethylene HDPE, Buttweld, BSP threaded pipe and tube fittings, Flanges, hoses, quick couplings, blow guns, push in pneumatic fittings, tube, air compressors and more, we have got you covered.

Offering economical solutions to welded pipe and fittings we are the stockist with a full range of sizes and affordable cost saving prices. Based in Tullamarine Melbourne, with personal on the ground in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth we offer nationwide service. Request a catalogue or site visit today.

Providing pipeline design advice to engineers and supplying everyone requiring a pipe system including plumbers, gasfitters, pipe fitters, mechanical maintenance contractors, pipe installers, manufacturers and more. Visit our Trade counter today.